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Article: The Map of Athletic Performance

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For whatever small role I played in contributing to CrossFit’s popularity within the mountain communities, I apologize.

For many in those and other communities, it has brought some value, but for others it has taken away. No longer climbing as much, suffering unnecessary injury or using irrelevant markers that have nothing to do with performance out in the fileld, CrossFit has a way of becoming a distraction more than a contributor for those that have something at stake.

It’s one thing to be clear about what you are doing and choosing to train with awareness based on knowledge, experience and clarity. It’s quite another thing to get caught up in a methodology that can’t explain it’s own merits.

The Black Box Theory is a convenient diversion that doesn’t really stand up to critical thought, especially when it is coupled with years of experience finding one’s way out of the Black Box.

So as not to take away without giving back, here’s something I call the Map…