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Rob Miller – Big Wall Free Climber and Starting Strength


Rob Miller’s been on cover shots for climbing mags, established multiple first free ascents on several huge rock faces, enjoyed the sponsorship of a number of national outdoor enthusiast companies, coached two kid’s climbing teams, and trained hundreds of individuals into better athletic performance, fitness and health… For the past several decades, his focus has been on climbing and healthy longevity.

As passionate as he is about his own climbing, he is also determined to cut to the essence of sound training practices (read: sustainable). Rob’s been uncovering the truths about what works for climbers and athletes…  and why. His interest is born out of his personal determinations, of many years ago, to find the best way to continue to improve as an athlete…

The search for better training techniques and methods led him to what he’s discovered now and what he’s sharing with his clients. In 2004, a suggestion by Mark Twight (and in his own interest to improve as an athlete), led him to work briefly with Crossfit, which he ultimately found to be counterproductive for him and his clients. But, through his association with that and other GPP programs, he was able to connect with other coaches and teachers who have furthered his knowledge base about training and athletic performance. The subject of fitness and training for elite athletes and climbers, as well as everyday people interested in healthy lifestyles, has been his primary focus for over a decade.

Rob has held a Starting Strength Coaches Certificate since 2010 and lives in northern Arizona. He works out of the Beta Bouldering Gym…