• TRAINING is a systematic progression to achieve an individual’s specific goal.

This site is the product of a lifetime’s desire to be a better athlete. Granite Page’s goal is to bring a simple lens of understanding that will streamline the training process for any physically oriented goal. Whether your goal is to cultivate greater health & longevity, or to excel at a specific sport, there are three simple principles to organize your efforts into a more productive training program.

Simply put… You can learn how to achieve your goals at the steepest rate of improvement in the minimal amount of training time while maintaining the longest lasting benefits possible.

This progression is simple, but there are no tricks or shortcuts. The value is that it makes your efforts more efficient and productive. By introducing basic concepts of how the body responds to physical stress (exercise and training) each Granite Page visitor can have  greater clarity of how to productively develop their own training schedule and content. 1) Every goal is different. 2) Each individual has a different level of strength & conditioning relative to their goal. 3) How do the different physical qualities support one another relative to the goal and its timeline?

These variables will bring your efforts into greater focus and determine the most productive training schedule and content relative to your goal. The explanation is universal, and it points to an individual approach.

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When you're ready to start moving forward in your training... Understanding 3 basic principles could be all your need to dramatically streamline your training process.

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